Ready To Go - Butcher Pack (Large)

Life gets so busy and we want to help you with that. That is why we have put together these wholesale packs for you. Simply find the one that will suit your business or event the most and leave the rest up to us.

Our Butcher Pack Large includes ...

3x Tomato Ketchup

3x Hot Spicy Ketchup

3x BBQ Ketchup

3x Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce

3 Beetroot Relish 250gm

3x Mango Chutney 250gm

3x Roasted Capsicum Relish 250gm

3x Spicy Tomato Relish 250gm

3Tomato Relish 250gm

Please note that because we want to you to have fresh product these will be made on the day of order. All custom wholesale orders can be placed over the phone or email to receive the wholesale prices.


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